The program xplot was written in the late 1980s to support the analysis of TCP packet traces. This work is described in MIT/LCS/TR-494.

Downloads of the program xplot are available here.

The most recent complete release is xplot-0.90.tar.gz but it has trouble supporting color on modern hardware.

The problem with colors is fixed in an interim release xplot-0.90.7.tar.gz but the interim release does not include the demo.* files. If you need the demo files to test your xplot or to see examples of the input file format, get the version 0.90 .tar.gz also.

Gcc-3.3 has dropped support for multi-line string literals. This patch to version 0.90.7 creates version which can be compiled with gcc-3.3.

If you are getting started, I recommend that you use xplot- and that you get the demo files that are distributed in the (larger) 0.90 .tar.gz file.

Now that I've got this xplot.org site, I'll try to provide a little more support and some new releases. Watch this space for updates. Send gentle prods and words of encouragement to shep at xplot.org.